Elderly Care Tips for A Easier Life for Them and Yourself




Taking care of your ageing parent needs strategy and planning; otherwise you may end up not giving your loved one the best care in terms of health care. As the body grows old, it becomes prone to medical conditions. We cannot prevent ageing but we can learn how to deal with arising conditions for great health of our aging parents. Most health concerns for the elderly are memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease among others.


Below tips by the team of CallDoctor will make parent care at home more manageable :


  1. Consolidate your Parents medical / health history – When you decide to go with parent care at home, make sure you consolidate your parent’s medical information. Make a file for health purposes,keep doctor’s contact details, medical tests, prescriptions and medical notes in it. The file can either be in soft copy, hard copy or both. You may also consider online tools. Portable drives or USB drives are also convenient. These may help you with information urgently as the drives are easy to carry around all the time.


  1. Get a nursing attendant – If you are considering in-home care for your parent, getting a nursing attendant is a good idea since your parent will enjoy his /her family’s warmth at home and still have someone around to take care of the health issues. A nursing attendant is a professionally trained medical support who will ensure that your loved one strictly follows the prescription advised by the doctors. In case the symptoms get worse, the attendant is able to alert the concerned doctor especially when you have the doctor’s contacts in the file. We at CallDoctor offer trained attendant service at home for part time and full time service.



Take care of fall-prevention – Generally, Falls have been linked with most non-fatal and fatal injuries for elders. Falls lead to many physical health problems in an ageing body. It is therefore wise to take care of fall-prevention measures to reduce cases of falls. Fall-prevention measures include risk proof your home environment and reviewing your ageing parent’s medication. The doctor can help you to review by looking at the medical history and the side effects of the prescribed drugs for your parents. In most cases, some antidepressants and sedatives may increase falling risks. Help your parent wear sensible shoes and ensure that your home is well organized at all times. The floor should always remain dry whereas non-slip mats and rugs also play a big role in fall-prevention.


  1. Make physical activity a routine for your Parents – Exercising can go a long way in helping your ageing parent remain healthy and fit. With his/her doctor’s approval, let the attendant watch as he/she engages in activities such as workouts and walking . Such physical activities will boost their mood, organ functionality and strength. In fact exercises minimize the risk of falling with improved flexibility, balance and coordination.


  1. Provide Emotional Support – Emotional and physical health of a human being are two directly related conditions. When your parent is emotionally unstable, chances are that he will be reporting sick most of the times. Staying at home where loved ones are, minimizes stress and negative feelings of neglect or rejection. You should therefore make efforts to communicate with your family members about showing concern and love at all times to your aging Parents. For instance you and your siblings may accompany him for doctor’s visits when you can.


  1. Make Your Home Elder Proof – For best parent care at home, it is recommended to make your home elder proof. Set up working systems and procedures that will make sure that you, your parent and other family members keep off all unforeseen things which causes stress. A nursing attendant will be able to give maximum elder care to your loved one in the right environment with the right tools. For instance, emergency response systems, medication management systems, mobility devices, meal delivery services and grab bars would make your house elder proof and convenient for other occupants.


Looking after your ageing parents properly means providing the most compassionate elder care solutions. Sometimes forcing your parent to go to a nursing home is not one of those good solutions. Letting him live at home where family and friends are, is one compassionate move. Some elders suffer from nursing home abuses since there are no family members to protect them. Their health may even deteriorate in such homes. Seeing your ageing parent healthy, happy and generally well taken care of is a great relief.


You can make it a reality by consolidating health information, hiring a compassionate nursing attendant, undertaking fall-prevention measures, arranging for physical activities and making your home elder proof. However, these are just few tips and you can perfect this by showing love, care and compassion towards your ageing parents.


If you need healthcare and daily assistance for your parents, call us at: +91-98710-05987 or visit CallDoctor. We have eldercare packages specially designed to suit the different needs of your ageing parents.



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