How Safe Are The Common Medicines We Use at Home?

Most of us are habitual of taking medications with no therapeutic medicine. Here in this article I will examine the real symptoms of normal medicines we use without the direction of a Doctor.


Commonly used medicines in India
Commonly used medicines in India

Have you ever tried to counsel a specialist or drug specialist for regular infections like cerebral pain, fever, frosty, causticity or hypersensitivity?


I know the answer of a large portion of the individuals will be “NO” however in the wake of perusing this article I am certain the majority of you at least consider counseling a specialist for these diseases.


Give us a chance to observe on the regular sicknesses from which we do experience the ill effects of our normal life and medications we by and large use for them.


1. Fever:

The most surely understood medication for fever is “Paracetamol” found in each home. Overdose of Paracetamol may prompt hepatotoxicity and renal harm which can be lethal.


2. Pain:

Most commonplace medications utilized for battling torment incorporates Aspirin(Disprin), Ibuprofen and Diclofenac. The normal issues connected with these medications incorporate

Gastric/Peptic ulcer(Aspirin, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen)

Renal impairment(Diclofenac, Ibuprofen)


3. Acidity:

Stomach settling agents are broadly utilized for ‘Self solution’ for the treatment of sharpness yet certain acid neutralizers are not protected to utilize. Stomach settling agents containing Sodium bicarbonate or Magnessium trisillicate can force genuine clinical ramifications.


Sodium bicarbonate and Magnessium trisillicate are ingested specifically into the blood and may prompt systemic alkalosis and renal hindrance.


Acid neutralizers containing Aluminum hydroxide alone may prompt blockage.


4. Allergy:


Cetrizine is the solution from which everybody must be commonplace. This is the medication which has been taken by individuals haphazardly for the treatment of unfavorably susceptible issues in the body. Here I will like to draw your kind consideration on a portion of the actualities in regards to the utilization of Cetrizine-


Cetrizine may create Central Nervous System excitation.


Sickness and epigastric inconvenience additionally can show up.


Utilization of Cetrizine can create urinary maintenance which is hurtful for Kidney.



In spite of the fact that medications are intended to spare the valuable human life yet utilizing them without counseling the specialist can prompt genuine well being danger. So this is our unassuming solicitation to every one of the reader of this article to evade pointless use of the medications at home and do counsel the specialists when needed.At CallDoctor, we provide Medical Aid at Your Door Step by arranging home visit of the Doctors, Nurses, Attendants and Physiotherapists.


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